A Jane Austen Fan’s Favorite Film Adaptations

With an Instagram username like @austen.etc it is a given that I watch a lot of Jane Austen film adaptations. I like most of them and love a lot of them. So, without further ado, my list of a Jane Austen fan’s favorite film adaptations. Enjoy! Emma (2009) Jonny Lee Miller. I don’t know if …

Daughter of the Pirate King: My First Negative Review

I don’t know what the sound effect is for internal cringing but I’m feeling pretty ugh about even writing this review because I hate being negative about books and I just … ugh! Daughter of the Pirate King had such great potential so I never thought I’d be writing my first negative review of it. …

My 2022 To-Be-Read List

This sucker is going to be short because I’m too defiant to even listen to myself. I’ve set many goals like this before and I never follow through, so jokes on me for even posting this. But, no matter, all of these are at least on the list to be read in the near future. …

2021 Book Roundup: Part 1

This year marked the first time in history I’ve ever met my Goodreads Challenge goal! At the beginning of the year I set myself the softy (though lofty – I didn’t intend to rhyme) goal of 25 books. And I met it!

Six Songs That Save My Soul

If you know the feeling of listening to a song and letting it wash over you until all you can feel is the singer’s voice, the musician’s devotion to their craft, and the overall message of the lyrics, then you know what I mean by “save my soul.”