It’s the First Day of Blogmas!

Two Christmas Trees

I’ve decided to challenge my writing and dedication and do a 12 Days of Blogmas! For the next twelve days I will be posting a short something every day about various topics like cookies, travel anniversaries, and some of my favorite things.

And guess what? Today is Christmas and the First Day of Blogmas!!

Let’s begin…

So my brother’s favorite thing about Christmas is waking up early to make bacon while drinking beer. Which, honestly, is a pretty fantastic Christmas tradition. My favorite thing about Christmas, though, is the general experience. Does that make sense?

I love the lights, the music, the cold (and hopefully snow), the food, decorations, and time with family. Christmas day is great. Presents are great. Cookies are amazing. But when everything comes together? That is what I love about Christmas. It’s the build up, the happiness of the day itself, and the continued celebrating for at least a week afterwards.

In the spirit of keeping the Christmas feeling alive beyond the day itself, I hope you enjoy these small celebratory posts. 🙂


And have a very Merry Christmas!

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