On the Second Day of Blogmas

Christmas Wreaths in London

On the Second Day of Blogmas my true love gave to me, a ticket to another country!

This is my second installation of Blogmas, and I’m overjoyed to once again feature traveling. The second day of Blogmas this year marks the one-year anniversary of me boarding a plane with a whole bunch of strangers to go to London.  I’d never been more excited in my life to spend time with people I didn’t know, in somewhat unfamiliar places, with unknown adventures ahead of me.


View from plane
Terrible photo of my view from the plane


I won’t talk about the trip itself here, because I feel I’ve already  bored you all enough with that. But I do want to take a moment to acknowledge how lucky I was to have been able to participate in such an adventure. And I want to just say how grateful I am for everything. I love looking back at things like this and marveling at the very idea that it was even possible. Humans figured out how to fly, and opened up the world to explorers everywhere.


Merry Christmas, and Happy Travels!

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