The Third Day of Blogmas: Writing & Inspiration

It’s the Third Day of Blogmas and I’m about to do something I’ve never done before; talk about my writing.

This blog definitely counts as writing, but it’s a little different than writing a story, or some other fiction (which may or may not ever be read by anyone ever). Honestly, I’m not sure my family knows about the dozens of Google documents I have filled with stories. I really never talk about my writing.

But I’m not here to sit in my comfort zone, so here goes nothing.

The majority of the stories I write come from prompts I (probably) find on Pinterest. Sometimes I don’t even remember what exactly the prompt was, but it inspires a scene or piece of dialogue, and away my brain goes.

Some of my favorite stories that I dreamed up or penned (typed) were inspired by photos. I’ve written about a boy who’s in love with a ghost, a photographer who has to say goodbye to her sister, Mother Earth, a dystopian universe with a rising resistance, a man who has a favorite bench in a park, and a trained mythical creature assassin. And so much more!

I think I’m like most writers though; I’m either writing every day, or not at all for weeks. I love being inspired, and I love what the results of that inspiration typically are. Below are some of my favorite places to find prompts and inspiration.

  • Pinterest (of course!). If you just search “writing prompts” you immediately get dozens and dozens. And you can find photos.
  • Flickr. There are tons of photos, one of them is bound to get you writing.
  • The Fake Redhead. This is seriously the name of her site, which is awesome. I’ve seen her prompts on Pinterest a lot, but she has an entire website with even more.


This is definitely only a few, but they’re the ones I remember. Like I said, a lot of the time I don’t remember what exactly inspired me.

Writing is one of my favorite things, and it was typically during holidays like Christmas that I get to do the most random and for-fun writing. Maybe it’s the tea and cozy blankets, but this season always inspires me to write more.

If you have your own writing prompt source suggestions, let me know! You can get in touch via Instagram @elainemarieblog, or comment below!

Merry Christmas! And happy writing!

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