Acceptance: The First Step To Better Curls

Like most people with naturally curly hair, I hated my hair when I was younger.

Partly due to the fact that I didn’t know how to style it (I’d never heard of curl creams or serums, and never dreamed of using a diffuser) and partly due to the fact that I took dance lessons for 10 years, I had kept my hair in ponytail prison until I was 18.  This obviously resulted in a massive amount of damage that I am still trying to reverse. One thing I am proud of with my hair-care past is that I have never bleached or fully colored it. I had red “highlights” done twice, but they were short-lived and barely noticeable.

So when I was 17/18 I decided to start wearing a little bit of make up, and take care of my skin and hair. I know, I was a late bloomer when it came to normal girly beauty stuff. Make up was just a matter of buying a half decent liquid and powder foundation, skin was just me washing my face every once in a while, but hair was a different story altogether.

I had to do some trial and error product research, and I’m still bouncing between brands. I’ve even trained my hair to be satisfied with being washed only once a week, which was a process unto itself. My hair is a constantly evolving adventure with lots of will-it-won’t-it in regards to looking half decent at any given time. But I’m learning!

Curly hair can be a beast to take care of, and really bites back if you neglect it. It was my initial acceptance of my curls that made taking care of them easier. I’ve learned to embrace the bounce, enjoy the crazy, and encourage the spontaneous and unpredictable.

If you’re curious, my usual hair routine is as follows:

-Wash (if it’s that special day)

-Generously apply conditioner (anytime you feel like it)

-Evenly distribute a light curl serum or gel


-Let air dry

-Flip around a lot to break up the crunch of product, and pin out of face if desired.

However! The main purpose of this post is to say

photo of me with short hair and bangs

I got a haircut!!

This is the first time in nearly ten years that I’ve had a proper haircut, and the first time ever in my entire life that I’ve had bangs. All of this is exciting and even more encouragement to focus a little more love on my curls (especially the bangs). The above routine is now edited to be a bit more specific and looks a lot more like this:

-Wash (if it’s that special day), don’t run your fingers through your hair.

-Generously apply conditioner specific to curls, using this time to comb your hair with your fingers and separate out your bangs.

-Scrunch-rinse your hair, taking care to leave a little conditioner behind.

-Apply gel, serum, etc. while hair is still wet.

-Gently dry with old t-shirt.

-Carry on with the rest of your post-shower routine.

-Flip around a lot to break up the crunch of product.

-Dry with hair dryer and diffuser (because patience is limited).

-Use large curling iron to style bangs so you don’t look like Eleven from Stranger Things.

So it’s better, and definitely shows in the general appearance of my hair.

I’m sure there will be updates later, especially in terms of specific products, and maybe even a leave-in conditioner if I can find one I like.

In the meantime, love your curls!


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