She’s Back!

I feel like I should start with a general disclaimer: I am no good with resolutions. However, I’ve started some new ventures in life, so why not add another?

This book-based blog was on the brink. It was standing at the edge of the cliff, arms outstretched, skirts blowing in the wind, sad movie score music building in the background, ready to be shoved off the edge by my laziness and neglect. But I had a change of heart when I re-read the bio I had written myself almost four (?) years ago.

And nowhere in that bio does it say that this blog must be solely about books.

In fact, it’s made quite clear that this blog would cover a multitude of topics.

So yay! We’re back with a fresh perspective and new zest for writing about fun things.

Future posts will cover more on the super fun business I started, books, travel, and food!

So stay tuned for Elaine Marie Blog 2.0!

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