Demystifying the Writing Sample

Demystifying the writing sample

Curious about how writing samples work? Well, fear not! I’m here to demystify the writing sample and give some insight into why it’s necessary.

Rule #1: Know Who You’re Working With

This is a two-way street, by the way. I want to learn more about you, and you want to learn more about me. So, we chat, I think you’re cool, you like my email style. But what is my blog, web, or social media writing like? This is where the writing sample comes in.

You let me know what you’d like me to write (blog, social media post, newsletter, or product description), what industry and audience you’re trying to reach, and anything else you’d like the copy to focus on. I do my research, write up the sample, and booyah! you’ve got a writing sample.

So, What is a Writing Sample?

It’s a 200 to 250 word benchmark for my work, a way for you to judge whether or not my writing style and my writing process fit with your brand and company vision, and a snapshot of what I can do as a writer.

It’s also a way for me to judge whether or not I’m the right writer for your industry and company. I want you to have beautiful copy, and if I’m not the best person to deliver it, then it just wasn’t meant to be.

Oh, and it’s FREE!

Rule #2: Don’t Forget Rule #1

Remember, the writing sample is a one-time project, and represents only a small piece of what I can do. As I get acclimated to your industry, business, and voice, my writing will morph to fit in. Writing samples introduce you to my work, and me to you.

You can learn more about Elaine Marie Copyediting & Copywriting here.

In summary, I’m here to help make business owner life easier, so if you need copy, let’s chat!

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