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Ever wondered what I listen to while I edit? Below are five essential songs for my editing playlist.

I have always loved music! Getting my first mp3 player (a Creative Zen Nano Plus) was a life changer because I was able to add music to my already large CD collection. Today, pretty much from the moment I wake up through falling asleep, I am listening to music (or occasionally listening to a podcast). So it makes sense that while I’m editing for clients, I am also rocking out to some sweet sweet jams.

She Burns by Foy Vance

This song instantaneously became a favorite and was added to every playlist so quickly it didn’t know what hit it. Honestly, whether I’m editing, writing, reading, cooking, or mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, this song is perfect.

Fireworks by First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is one of those groups that has a song for every mood. The ethereal and understated epic nature of this song endeared the group to me even more and I’ve kept the song close at hand for a dreamy addition to any playlist.

Deep Blue Dream by Yola

Yola is one of the best music finds of the past year. Since discovering her, my sister and I have listened pretty much non stop to her beautiful, bluesy voice and dreamy songs. A little bit country, a little bit Americana, a little bit blues, Yola has it all!

Almost (Sweet Music) by Hozier

Who doesn’t love some Hozier? Again, Hozier is an artist who can capture any moment or mood in music and isn’t ashamed to make us all cry about it.

Queen Bee by Johnny Flynn

This song was written for the 2020 film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, a movie that, if you weren’t already obsessed with Johnny Flynn, made sure you were.

So wonderful music is out there, it inspires and motivates and cures a multitude of ills, and I hope I’ve helped you find it!

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