Six Songs That Save My Soul

I’ve posted a lot about music before on both my Instagram and this blog (here, here, and here), but a few months ago I started a playlist of songs that save my soul. So far, there are only six. But it’s a good start. And I’m determined to make the qualifications for the songs that go on this playlist super strict to weed out the ones that I will later regret including… even though I can totally delete them, but that’s beside the point.

If you know the feeling of listening to a song and letting it wash over you until all you can feel is the singer’s voice, the musician’s devotion to their craft, and the overall message of the lyrics, then you know what I mean by “save my soul.” These are the songs I listen to through headphones, on repeat, until the people around me start to wonder if I’m okay.

I am okay. I just love these songs so. Dang. Much.

So here we are, with a simple playlist of six songs that save my soul.

1. Kumbaya by Jacob Banks and Bibi Bourelly

2. She Burns by Foy Vance

3. Fake Empire by The National

4. Be Good To Me by Jacob Banks and Seinabo Sey

5. Ride Out In The Country by Yola

6. Postcards From Italy by Beirut

Happy Listening!

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